Andrea Peipe


Europe / Germany / Bayern / Munich

Conceptual / Fine Art

Photographer female

The way to the stars / 2014-08-06

The way to the stars - © Andrea Peipe
Lisa-Marie Kaspar

The Autumn King / 2014-11-28

The Autumn King - © Andrea Peipe
Andreas Sichel

The Ascension / 2014-08-01

The Ascension - © Andrea Peipe
Moritz Aust

Keeper of the keys / 2014-10-10

Keeper of the keys - © Andrea Peipe

You call me out upon the waters / 2014-08-06

You call me out upon the waters - © Andrea Peipe
Anne Puhlmann

The Sailor's Daughter / 2014-12-01

The Sailor's Daughter - © Andrea Peipe
Paula Ohmann

You are sunlight and I moon / 2015-01-29

You are sunlight and I moon - © Andrea Peipe
Moritz Aust

Andrea Peipe is a fine art and creative portrait photographer based in Munich, Germany. She devotes herself to digital photography and the almost unlimited possibilities of digital post-processing. In her photos, she loves to create a world that often only exists in her head. With her surreal, emotional, and sometimes whimsical photos, she aims to move the viewer emotionally, tell a story, and inspire fantasy. At the same time, photography provides a possibility for her to bring emotions to life, freeze time and hold on to a short fragile moment, or to create a dream-like vision.